power of attorney

I have recently had to open three new savings accounts, on behalf of my mother for whom I have an Enduring Power of Attorney, and have had mixed experiences. Like a lot of elderly people, my mother, who has been living in a care home for some time, has very little documentation she can produce to verify her identity. Her driving licence and passport – the usual ID documents – have both lapsed. She receives no utility bills because she no longer has her own home.

The first account I opened was a fixed rate bond with National Counties Building Society. I opened the account online and then received a letter – by email – requesting some ID for my mother. I sent the hard copy of the application form to NCBS with the ID I was able to offer for my mother – a tax coding and a letter from the Teachers Pension Service. On receipt of the ID the account was opened. The process took about 10 days in total and was relatively painless. The account has run quite smoothly since – with the monthly interest being credited to my mother’s bank account – to help pay her care fees.