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rip off


Have been treated terribly by Clydesdale Bank - charged £50 for going overdrawn by 17p. The guy on the phone was very condescending but unclear in his answers to my questions. Now I cannot get in contact with my local branch without phoning an 0845 number and going through a never ending automated phone system. I’m leaving as soon as possible.


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POA frustration


I’ve been trying to open a savings account with Clydesdale for my elderly mother under a Power of Attorney, but have found it a very frustrating experience. Having looked at the Clydesdale website, which didn’t really have the information I was after, I rang their call centre and explained the situation. I was immediately asked whether the elderly parent was with me. I said no, and that was why I was opening the account for her under a Power of Attorney. The agent then said they’d need ID from my mother, either in the form of a passport or driving licence, to which I explained she was 88 years old and no longer had either. When I offered to provide up-to-date bank statements, tax coding and a P60, the chap said that would probably be OK, but added that I’d need to go into a local branch. Seeing as the closest branch to where I live is some 120 miles away in London, it was at this point I gave up. Not to be put off completely, I rang Saga and explained the situation to them. To my surprise, they said it was no problem. They took my mother’s full name and date of birth, along with my name, date of birth and home address. There was a delay while the agent did an electronic check before coming back to me to confirm no further ID was required. The forms that needed to be signed were sent in the post. The only requirement was that the opening deposit cheque had to be drawn on my mother’s bank account.


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