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Old-fashioned courtesy and efficiency


I use both the Littlehampton and Chichester branches, The staff are really good: as efficient as they can be and with the courtesy long since lost in the bigger banks.

The down side is the archaic system for opening, managing and closing those accounts that need to be serviced in Branch. Why this is still the case in this internet age I do not know as they never try to sell you anything additional, unlike in the bigger banks (usual culprits) of the area when you have the misfortune to have to visit them,

But overall, well done KRBS!

escorial lady

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Very good


In every contact with this building society we have found them friendly, efficient & easy to deal with.
Wish they would extend their geographical area of branches.


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Good account, but difficult to open.


This Regular Savings account has a very competitive rate, but to open it you have to "pop into your local branch", and they have branches in only a small corner of the UK. Why on earth can the account not be opened online, by post or telephone?


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highly recommended


When I recently wanted to sort out my finances my son in law, who works in financial services, advised me to go with Kent Reliance for a fixed rate ISA as they had one of the best rates. I’d not heard of Kent Reliance but obviously trust my son in law so downloaded the application form but then didn’t get round to completing it straight away. When I did sit down to finally finish it I noticed on the website that the original rate I had seen had been replaced by a lower one. I thought I’d missed the boat on the higher rate but when I spoke to the society they said that as I’d downloaded the application form when the higher rate was available, then I’d get the higher rate.
I think this is a terrific attitude for a building society to take and all the paperwork went through very quickly too. I couldn’t recommend them more.


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Kent Reliance Direct Savings Account


If you want an account which pays a good rate of interest and gives instant access to your savings – and which is dead easy to open – then I recommend a Direct Savings Account with Kent Reliance. I went onto their website and managed to complete the necessary details within a few minutes. I was emailed within a couple of hours to confirm that Kent Reliance had been able to verify my identity, so I didn’t need to send any documents through the post. That email also gave me the details I needed to make the initial deposit of funds into the new account. Kent Reliance then sent me a letter, confirming receipt of the initial deposit, which I found very reassuring in a paperless world. It really couldn’t have been easier. The interest rate is 3.2% - quite good for an instant access account. The only thing to note is that although this account can be opened online, it isn’t an internet account as such. You can register @ online services – and then view a statement of your account online, but withdrawals have to be initiated by post and the money withdrawn is then transferred to the account nominated by the account holder on the original application form – usually a bank account from which the initial deposit has been made. Interest is credited on 5th April each year, although monthly interest is available, another plus for anyone needing the interest as part of their regular income.


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