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Do you not want my business ?


Metro Bank is one of those institutions that assume that everyone owns a mobile phone and make it a condition if you wish to open an account on line. Given the option of going into local branch, 110 miles away from home address - I will not be depositing my cash with them !!!!


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Registering Problems


Wanted to open a 1 Yr Bond account but, despite entering 100% correct information, kept getting the message:
"We are unable to open your account online as our reference agency couldn't verify your eligibility for this account. You can also pop in to any of our stores 7 days a week and apply again in store."

No indication of what the issue might be and afraid I don't have the time or inclination to go searching for a branch so will look elsewhere.


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Superb Service


I don't understand why the other reviewers are so middle of the road, every time I have used the customer service number, they always call me back, even when I'm abroad, they fix the problem straight away, and as the cards are printed in the branch I've never had to wait to get a replacement, and that's at their Head Office!.
Totally recommended.


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metro bank


I really want Metro Bank to succeed in challenging the banking old guard but I haven’t got the patience to stay with them while they figure it out. The waiting times in branch are too long and the online banking is really complicated and keeps breaking down. A bit more investment needed methinks.


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a bit urgency required


If you want to open an account, make sure you clear your diary first. I spent four hours in the branch trying to get them to take my money. I wasn’t asked once if I was ok for time, although I did get a drink and used the customer toilet. Nice as the extras are though I’d rather get my banking done a lot faster and be free to get on with my life.


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not worth the wait


Having walked past the Metro Bank in Bromley almost every day for the past year, I thought I’d give something new a chance when I decided to open a new account. As you’d expect from something trying to get established, the staff were really friendly, but that is just about the only positive I can offer. It took over an hour to open a current account (thank god I didn’t want anything as complicated as a mortgage) and now more than a month later, my card still hasn’t turned up. When I’ve phoned, I haven’t been able to get through to anyone and then when I’ve left my name and number, no-one has called me back. I’d pop in to the branch, but the chances are I’d be in for another long wait. I know there’s going to be teething problems with anything new, but I’m losing patience already. If this is all the first new bank for a 100 years can offer, I’ll happily wait another century before the next one comes along.


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