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As a new customer, I must say that I found it remarkably easy to set up a new account and provide the necessary proof of identity. I had occasion to call the bank to check the forms required and was treated in a friendly and efficient manner. I was also extremely impressed with the efficiency with which they transferred my deposit from another bank and provided all relevant confirmations.


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Bit clunky


Beware of filling in the application form if you are already a Gatehouse rather than a Gatehouse/Raisin client. The bank you are using to fund the bond HAS to be your nominated account; don't be fooled into thinking you can insert details and pay from another of your accounts. They will reject your money 24 banking hours later and you have to start again. Most irritatingly, they do not want to know that their account opening form is misleading.

escorial lady

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Fairly straightforward.


I opened a 1-year bond with no problems, although Gatehouse is one of those providers who assume that everyone has a mobile phone, and you cannot bank with them unless you own one. My first deposit arrived after 7 hours, which is fairly normal for providers which use a central account and where you have to give a reference for them to direct the funds later to your own account.


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