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Easy to apply for and manage


Absolutely no nonsense application and easy to manage. Nothing to fault.

Angel Dust

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Actually quite good


Can't understand the negative reviews of this provider. I don't have any accounts with them at the moment but have done quite recently. Opening is straightforward as is management. Rates fluctuate a bit which is why I reinvested elsewhere when PO accounts matured but would be happy to use them again.

Paul O'Brien

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I wanted to transfer my money from one account to another both at the Post Office. They wouldn't do it as i couldn't show the money in my current account. Unbelievable i know but i made complaints talked to about 6 people but no transferring without showing where the money came from - PO account not acceptable was not allowed. I opened a Marcus account instead. they are truly pathetic, unintelligent , unreasonable and generally useless. There are much better places who are very professional.

andrew barrs

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Avoid at all cost.


They have not changed, you would have thought by now some one could
have told them that they are a useless bank. I thought I was just unlucky
until I read these reviews, now I know I was right in moving my money.

Big John

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Trouble with logging in


I have had ongoing trouble with this problem, until I read the reviews I thought it was just me. It does take a long time to get your money back, most of the time I just transfer to another PO account to avoid delay, however the rates are so low all round I am unsure what to do now


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I put my savings in a Post Office account a few years ago and my money has effectively been confiscated! When I moved and sent them a letter confirming this it didn’t get updated. It was only after the account matured and I didn’t receive anything that I realised. Since then its been a nightmare trying to sort it out – I’ve spent three months trying to get my money. Three times I’ve called and been left on hold before they’ve said my address would be updated in five days time and I could then apply for my money. Every time I’ve called to request the cheque it then turns out the address hasn’t been updated after all and the whole sorry process starts again. Luckily I’ve got other money I can fall back on but if this was all I had I’d be asking for handouts by now. Once I finally secure my monies release I won’t be going back.


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unhappy experience


I opened an instant saver account with the Post Office because of the good rate on offer but have had an unhappy experience since. I left my money untouched for six months but when I wanted to withdraw some to pay for a new car, they ended up freezing my account for a week and me losing out on the car. When I decided to take the money out I sent a signed letter asking for the funds to be transferred to a new nominated account. I received a letter back saying this was fine but then the money never arrived. After calling them, they said the sort code on the new account was wrong, and so they couldn’t set the account up. However when I checked with my bank they confirmed it was correct, so I called the PO back.
I was under the impression that it would take five working days to get the new account up and running, so when it was suggested they reinstate the old account, I went with it. I went through the whole process with this guy and then at the end he told me the five working day delay would still apply to the old account. What was the point? It also materialised that the five working days was until I could make a request to transfer, with the money then not moving for a few days after that. I obviously missed out on the car but have since managed to extricate all my money from the PO. It won’t be going back in.


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slow and confused


If you want to open an account quickly, then think twice before using the Post Office Reward Saver account - it took a full month to open an online account! I completed the application form online, which was easy enough, and within a week (on 8th November), received through the post acknowledgement of my application to check, sign and return with my initial deposit. To speed up the process, I took the signed form and a cheque to my local Post Office – an option offered by the form. The form said I’d receive written confirmation once the account was open, but as I still hadn’t heard by the 22nd, I rang them up. The person I spoke to seemed totally confused by my reference to paying over a cheque at the local Post Office and put me on hold. When he came back he assured me that everything was in order but suggested I ring again if I’d heard nothing in a couple of days. Although I wasn’t very reassured, I waited another week, but in the meantime received a letter acknowledging a change of details – relating to my nominated account – which I had never given them. This obviously increased my concern, and so on the 29th I rang again, to be told that my security code had been sent to me last year, the account was open and a card was on its way. As this was the first account I’d ever opened in my name with the Post Office, the reference to the security card rang alarm bells. However, the account card and new details did arrive on the 30th. I think the confusion has come because I hold a Power of Attorney for my mother and last year I opened a savings account for her with the Post Office. That account is in her name and contains her money but still the Post Office had treated me as an existing saver. Even now I suspect that my mother’s bank account details have been changed to mine on their records, but I will worry about that when her account matures! Of greater concern is the security code apparently applies both to her account and to mine, which seems a dangerous practice.


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I have an online account with the Post Office account which is useless. Errors keep occurring when I try to transfer money into it, even though I’ve successfully done exactly the same transaction last week. When you get through on the helpline, the people on the phone don’t know what has gone wrong. I’ve also been locked out of my account three times for no apparent reason. Ridiculous waste of time.


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POA problems


I have recently had to open three new savings accounts, on behalf of my mother for whom I have an Enduring Power of Attorney, and have had mixed experiences. Like a lot of elderly people, my mother, who has been living in a care home for some time, has very little documentation she can produce to verify her identity. Her driving licence and passport – the usual ID documents – have both lapsed. She receives no utility bills because she no longer has her own home.

Having successfully opened an account with National Counties BS and SAGA, the third account I opened was with The Post Office - a 3-year online bond. However, opening this account proved to be quite difficult. The Post Office didn’t seem to understand that the account would be in my mother’s name – and would be her account – but that I would want them to recognise the Power of Attorney for operating the account. It took several attempts before they were satisfied with my mother’s ID documents, and with my ID and the Power of Attorney. All this was dealt with by post because opening the account online proved impossible, because there was no scope for explaining about the Power of Attorney. The process took about three weeks. I had sent a cheque on my mother’s current bank account with the original letter, so the money wasn’t earning any interest at all during the whole process. Since then the account has run smoothly and the monthly interest goes into my mother’s current account on time.


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