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One of the best


Always found Principality Building Society one of the best financial institutions. Customer Service is second to none, interest rates not always the best but they do have good offers every so often if you watch out for them. Online service is great and easy to navigate. Would recommend them


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So-so service


When I phoned to request an application form I was told they didn't send these out and that I had to download it from their website. I tried that but it turned out to be an epic fail so I took my business elsewhere. I have had better service from Principality in the past but they seem to be slipping.


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Easy to talk to


As we don't use internet banking, they are happy to talk to us on the phone, and then send us the requisite forms to fill in and return.
We always pay by cheque as it seems the safest way to pay.


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pretty good


Their rates are usually pretty decent but online they are not always the best although they do have some good points, like the option to easily see what interest rate you are getting – some banks like to make this difficult to find! If you use the online messaging to ask a question the reposnse is always prompt and seems to be written by a real person too rather than being a standard copy and paste response used for all. I think financial services would be much improved if a more personal approach became the norm.


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