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I put up with RBS for far too long before I finally admitted defeat and transferred my money away. They couldn’t get my address right on their systems despite several attempts from me to get it corrected and then there was another longstanding saga involving online banking. Obviously you need a card reader to make online transfers but could I get my hands on one? Despite my repeated requests one never arrived so in the end I had to visit my local branch and demand one there and then. The real kick in the teeth came when I got home only to find online banking still wouldn’t work even with the reader. The only good thing I’ve got to say is that their front line staff in branch are well mannered and try to be helpful – unfortunately manners and a desire to be helpful are the very least I expect from someone who is providing me with a service.


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business account


In the seven years I have had my business account with RBS I have had no issues. I have never had any problems with access to the internet banking service. A couple of times, I have accidentally triggered their fraud protection service and received a computer generated telephone call advising me that there had been unusual activity on the account. Although this caused some immediate concern, at least it made me logon to my account and check everything was ok. In fact, it’s good to know that RBS have decent checks in place and gives peace of mind, particularly with banking fraud on the rise.


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As I’m a non taxpayer I asked RBS to send me an R85 form when I opened their account but might as well have asked for a trip to the moon. The form they said theyd send me never arrived and then when I rang up to see if I could print the form off and post it to them, it took half an hour to get a response! The phone people are all nice enough but a little basic training wouldn’t go amiss.


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couldn't cope with lost card


The RBS call centre couldn’t cope with the fact I’d lost my debit card and needed another one. As my address was slightly wrong on their systems, the first replacement and pin I requested had to be cancelled. I was still waiting a week later and short on cash, so called again and was told a card still hadn’t been sent and it would take another five working days. Since then I’ve tried to downgrade my account but been made to wait again. After I’d waited a whole week for their call I was told that they’d called me once, four days after they said they would, but that I hadn’t answered. I’ve skipped the downgrade and now bank with Barclays.


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no apology


I’d had no trouble with RBS until Santander agreed to take them over, but when I was recently sent a new debit card, I cut up my old one as instructed, only to find out that the new one didn’t work. The bank said it was a problem they were aware of and a few people had had the same thing happen to them, but they weren’t really very helpful and didn’t apologise. A week later I’m still waiting for the new pin number that they said would make the card work. I can’t get to a branch in my lunch break to try and sort it, so am borrowing money to see me through until the weekend when I can get there.


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My RBS card keeps getting locked to which their response is to send me a new one in the post. Obviously this takes at least a week to arrive and then low and behold, it locks again less than a month later. I really want to leave for a better bank but feel trapped as I’ve got all my student debts with them.


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