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I’ve banked online for many years and never had any issues with any account until I came across Sainsburys. Once I’d opened the account, I went online to make a payment but had to register a mobile phone first. When I cant get my phone to register, I call customer services for their help. However for reasons that the adviser says she’s not allowed to divulge, I manage to fail the security check and become excluded from my account until I post them two forms of id – it’s an online account, why can’t we sort this out over email?! So now i’m in the position where I’m waiting for the id I posted them to be processed – I called them to get an idea of timescales, as I needed some money from my account. However, as I’m still technically locked out of my account, they are not allowed to give me an update.Obviously they did receive my id because a few days later I get a letter from them explaining what I need to do next – but again, why not send an email - it’s faster and cheaper and it’s an online account! I was finally able to get to my money and have had no problems since, but overall its been frustrating – online should mean I can do everything online, and in this instance, there are several things I can’t.


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I started the process of opening an account with Sainsbury’s at the beginning of September and within two weeks was told they were making checks and I could expect to hear in 5 to 10 working days. Three weeks later I’d heard nothing so called them and was told they couldn’t find my documents. A few choice words from myself then saw the account suddenly open. I transferred some money online but when I tried to set up a direct debit it wouldn’t work, so I called them again, where the answer was that they needed me to send them some ID. By this point I can’t even log in to my account and the adviser is telling me I won’t be able to until they’ve got my ID and been sent a code, even though I’ve already set up my security details. If I want to see my money again it seems like I’m going to have to do what they say, but the whole process is a shambles.


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Online issues


I’ve recently had trouble logging in to Sainsburys Bank’s online service, even though I’ve had no problems since I opened the account about a year ago. I’ve now been locked out even though I know the login details are correct. All my attempts to reset my account online failed, so I called the helpdesk. But when they asked me some security questions, I answered one incorrectly, meaning that I’ve now had to write to them and send proof of identity documents to prove who I am. I thought banking online was supposed to be quick and simple, but obviously not.


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