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Sad experience.


One of the few banks remaining in our town, that I remained loyal to despite the IT debacle. However, the frequent reduction in its interest rates, and then complete removal made its accounts unattractive even if meant using a bank with no branch in the town.


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Poor Customer Service


I had been a customer of TSB for about 7 years towards the end of last year I could not get back on line after ringing numerous times and writing and emailing I finally got a reapply and I was told that the issue was fixed. Replied to email to tell them it was not fixed and never got a reply.

Applied for the new spend and save account was able to open ok but tried to logon to account and the same thing happened,.


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On the way out?


Sad to see TSB cut its MS rate by more than the BoE did when times are so tough. This is the bank that nearly lost everybody's money thanks to a really botched software update. No thanks for your loyalty here as many better deals are available elsewhere. Adios, TSB.

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