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Tesco Withdrawal


I have never had a problem with Tesco accepting money (any amount), however when withdrawing, you are limited to £10,000 per day, but you can set up advance payments. Money takes between 2-3 days to reach my other bank account and be cleared.Apart from that very good service

Terry Brown

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Mild criticism


Online operation of both Current and Internet Savings accounts has been fine so far (about two years) - other than some difficulty recently logging in which could be system overload. My only criticism is the lack of a secure messaging system. Relying on the telephone is not for me - mainly due to hearing impairment but also to lack of "hard copy" of conversations. Nor is there any FREEPOST address.


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Tesco services


I have held both current accounts and internet savers for 3 years now and in this time I have always been treated quickly and fairly with all aspects of my banking with Tesco.I find the option of being sent a code to my mobile whenever I use their online service a brilliant additional safety measure whenever I access my accounts.I would recommend Tesco banking accounts to anyone who is looking for a top of the range interest rate backed up by several security layers and first class customer services.

Keith Samuel Rhodes

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No problem with Tesco banking


I can see two reviews for Tesco banking - both poor. I've been banking with Tesco for some time, attracted by the high interest rate. Both my wife and myself have an individual account and I've got an internet saver account. Each month we both move money to or from our accounts to get the best of the interest rate and we've never had any problems so I can't understand the poor reviews. Usually it takes an hour or so for money to appear in the account rather than a minute or so and that balances out the high interest rate. I almost never give the maximum rating to anything - hence my 4 out of 5 stars.


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Tescos online


Online banking at Tescos IS ridiculous. If I try to log on I get a message telling me my computer isn’t recognised and then the only way to get round this is through a text message sent to my phone. If I manage to navigate my way this far, you can then expect the site to freeze at least half the time you make it there. I’ve got online accounts with others which are nowhere near as much as trouble and which I’m trying to move my money to as I type (firstsave are the best).


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Appalling security requirements


I have used Tesco Bank since it started, using RBS as a partner, and was enthusiastic about its easy access to cash at stores, and good internet facilities. THIS ALL CHANGED when they decided to go it alone!
Since then they require me to keep a cookie on my computer to identify it, so I have to stop deleting cookies automatically - MY security is reduced for all other sites so that Tesco can improve theirs!. With no mobile phone , the only way to put me back online when their cookie is deleted (which so far has happened 12 times) is for them to send me a new password by post, TAKING UP TO A WEEK - so much for instant internet access. I am moving my money elsewhere, apart from the bare minimum ('cos their up to £500cash in store IS very useful)


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their loss


I thought I’d apply for Tescos ISA online thinking it would be the fastest way to get an account open. Filled in the form only to be told it would take five days for them to verify me. Over a week later I received a letter telling me they needed some original bank statements to finish the process, which I sent straight away. No reply after another two weeks so rang the call centre, which left me on hold for 15 minutes before telling me they’d call back. The call never came so I rang them again, this time to be told that the account had been withdrawn and my account wouldn’t be opened. Even though they had the application before the account was pulled, they effectively told me it was tough and wouldn’t open the account. I suppose it’s up to them if they want my money or not, but I won’t be trying to open another account with them.


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Sub-standard service!


Having opened an online savings account with Tesco a few months ago, I have to say I’m disappointed by the service I’ve received. Firstly they lost my cheque (for a considerable amount of money) that I sent them to open the account. Then, once I eventually managed to get the money in, I’ve tried again and again to get my internet log in up and running. I’ve phoned them several times to get this sorted, but still can't log on and so can’t access my money. I’m tired of being left on hold waiting for someone to try and sort it, before coming up short yet again.


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