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Virgin Money


A few months after my earlier review, and because of appalling interest rates in general I decided to open a Virgin Money account because of the very good rate and pleased to say each time I telephoned, my call was answered promptly and efficiently. Now happier to provide an updated rating.


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Interest rate not enough


The interest rate payable was reduced on a maximum balance of £2k down to £1k without any advice to this customer. Had two experiences of an account being "locked" resulting in inability to make payments or view transactions.. On both occasions, staff not particularly helpful and waiting several days to reset the account was the final straw.


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Works for me as an additional account


Currently the best interest rate on a current account up to £1,000 with monthly interest as well. Although a deposit account is opened automatically my wife and I have transferred a small amount.


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No longer competitive


I have been an online customer of Virgin Money for some years. They used to live up to their slogan as being different from other banks but that has fallen by the wayside now. Rates are pedestrian with no sign of loyalty being rewarded.

Paul O'Brien

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Branch Based Regular Saver


The 3% Regular Saver account can only be opened in branch. Don't expect them to just open it. No, first they require you to make an appointment so you are sent away without an account and have to come back another day. Then when you come in, they take over 30 minutes going through robotic FCA speak to make sure you can't say they mis=-sold you the account. I opened my Santander one on-line in 5 minutes and without a nine mile journey or car park charges. So much better than Virgin Money. Not worth the extra 0.5% interest at Virgin. Far too much bother. So much for changing the face of banking Mr Bransome.Even worse than the Big Banks.


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Jobsworth attitude


Having had numerous online savings accounts without any problems I once again decided to request a internal transfere to a higher intrerest acc.
I was asked for further security information to which I sent a copy of a utillity bill and also a copy of my passport to which I received a reply that they don't accept the passport copy bearing in mind that I opend the first account with my passport is it beyond common sense to check the details from the original? . Therefore Closed the acc and opened another acc with no hassle with another Uk bank

Dorothy H

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a bit of privacy please Mr Branson


I went into the new Virgin branch in Norwich and while impressed with the staff, the branch could do with a revamp. The front desk doubles up as somewhere where enquiries and transactions are dealt with, but this means that other customers are sitting right behind you while they wait. I don’t want them to know my financial business, the stupid questions I’m asking or what I’m withdrawing. Hopefully Mr Branson will dip his hand into his pocket to provide a bit of privacy for his customers.


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love the lounge


Loving the Virgin lounge – if you open an account, you’re allowed to use the lounge, which is basically a free coffee shop. Help yourself to tea, biscuits, apples and there’s an area for kids too. We take our two year old in there when she (and her dad) is fed up with shopping. The only problem is that it’s always busy - a few more seats would be good.


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Easy Online Access Process


I applied online for the Virgin Easy Access e-ISA and the process was very straight forward and simple..all online without the need to print off any forms and send them in. Fair rate too (although not the best available) without a bonus so no need to shop around every year for a better rate.


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