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Not the best for existing customers


Have been moving y money from here as, when a fixed term account neared maturity the maturity options they offered me were all accounts paying less interest than accounts available for new customers. When I contacted them about it they were very snooty and couldn't care less. My last account with them matures tomorrow and the money is going to the Principality Building Society


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Very efficient.


Very efficient and straightforward. They email you to say deposits received and credited. None of this stuff about being unable to transact or be contacted by phone at weekends or Bank Holidays (30% of the year). Credits sent on Sundays posted and acknowledged within hours.


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Why the difference in Interest rates?


I hold several accounts with Charter Bank and have on the whole been satisfied but I see your article today saying the new 1 yr fixed rate bond pays 1.79% (min £5K deposit) - yet the 1 Yr ISA - exactly the same requirements only pays 1.51% - this seems to be rather unfair - why the disparity, surely they should pay the same rate? As a 40% taxpayer I am always looking for ISA's in preference to bonds and this puts me at a disadvantage.


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Can't fault


Have held several different bonds with them - competitive rates, easy online process and everything efficiently handled


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